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Coaches and Volunteers

Mike  Bellarosa

Mike Bellarosa

ACE Coordinator

Phone: (914) 805-0242

Coaching and Volunteering Information

If you would like to volunteer, manage, assistant coach, or head coach in New York State (NYS), please be aware of the following  NYS  & USA Hockey requirements.


You will need to Register with SYHA each season. 

2023/24 Coaches Registration can be found by clicking here

2023/24 Volunteer Registration can be found by clicking here

Before you start, please be sure the name you use to register in each of the following steps matches the name you used in previous years.  If you have a Coaching Education Program (CEP) number, We recommend you use the name associated with that number for all steps below.  This will reduce the headache for you to associate all your credentials.

If any of the steps below are incomplete, you will not be able to be added to a USA Hockey Roster.  The USA Hockey Roster insures that you are properly certified and are an official member of the Team Staff.

1.  You MUST register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer, or Coach each and every year.  Please be sure to email your USAH Confirmation Number to the ACE Coordinator.

Please go here to register:

2.  You MUST complete a National Level Background Screen with USA Hockey. Please be sure to email your Receipt Number to the ACE Coordinator. Completed background checks are valid for two seasons. 

Please go here for a screening:

3.  You MUST complete SafeSport each year. Please be sure to email your Certification Number to the ACE Coordinator.

NOTE: The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season. As of January 1, 2018, all relevant individuals who need to be SafeSport certified or are seeking recertification will need to complete the new SafeSport training, which features updated content. 

Please go here for SafeSport Certification:

4.  If you are a Coach, you must to complete the Age-Appropriate Module for the age level you are coaching.

Please go here for Age-Appropriate Modules:

Safesport and Background Screening Criteria

Criteria used for determining if you need SafeSport and a Background Screening:

 USA Hockey / NYSAHA SafeSport Policy mandates that all association coaches/volunteers  (over the age of 18) who have regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants within your association, must be screened and have completed SafeSport training prior to these volunteers having such access. These volunteers include:

◦ Members of the Association Board of Directors
◦ Program Administrators
◦ All Coaches
◦ Team Managers
◦ Officials
◦ Locker room monitors
◦ Team drivers
◦ Travel chaperones
Anyone with regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants. 

Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Form

Reimbursements must be submitted no later than January 3rd.  No reimbursement request will be considered if received after this date. You will only be reimbursed for requirements for this season.  You will not be reimbursed for anything taken prior to this season. 

You will be asked to furnish all receipts/invoices which must show the date of all coaching/volunteer related expenses.

Coaches Reimbursements--NEW

New for 2023/24 Season

Coaches will no longer need to request (coaching related) reimbursements through SYHA. All approved Coaches will be given a discount code when registering their child for the upcoming season which will automatically deduct an approved amount from their childs total registration cost.  There will no longer be a requirement for coaches to provide any documentation for coaching related reimbursement expenses as you will receive a discount when registering your child for that amount. (Please only enter the discount code one time during registration. The discount is for one child of your choice). If you choose to not receive the discount, do not place the discount code in the box at checkout. Any discounts not used will be donated into our scholarship fund. Please reach out to the Treasurer, DJ Matthews for more info or for any questions. Thank you.

Note: If you do not meet/fulfill your coaching requirements (USAH, CEP, Module, Safesport and/or Background screening) to remain current and active during the season you will have to repay the discount you have received. 

SYHA ACE Coordinator Contact Information

Please send all required information discussed above to our ACE Coordinator. If you have any questions/concerns please contact:

Mike  Bellarosa

Mike Bellarosa

ACE Coordinator

Phone: (914) 805-0242

Coaches Only Section

Coaches - Check Your Status

Coaches,  You can check your status for most every requirement by logging in after clicking HERE.

After logging in, click on "My Profile" on the red banner near the top.

Then click on "Coaching Information" on the left side.

If your SafeSport or Background Screening need to be renewed, links are there in each section to complete those steps.

You will need to know which age modules you may need to complete to coach at the level(s) you will be at this season.

USA Hockey Guide Book & Rules of Play

The USA Hockey Annual Guide provides insight on how teams many be formed and compete within USA Hockey, nation wide. 

The current season Annual Guide can be found by clicking here.

USA Hockey updates its Rule Book once every four years.

The current Rule Book can be found by clicking here

New York State Amateur Hockey Association

The New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA) has its own website that includes information related to the District Zones, Sectional Tournaments, and State Tournaments, Coaching and Volunteer Certifications,  among other things. 

The Main Page is here: NYSAHA

There is a Guide Book updated yearly for the membership.  The most current Guide Book can be found by clicking here

Birth Verification and Proof of Citizenship

In NYSAHA the verification of birth MUST be done for all participants that are playing on teams that are State and National Bound (TB). 

If the player is a non-USA citizen the player must provide their birth certificate and other approved documents showing citizenship and why they are in the country.  A transfer will need to be completed.   Contact the SYHA Registrar for the proper transfer forms for all non-USA citizens.

Credential Book Creation

The has a lot of information related to USA Hockey and New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA).

One of the pages I refer to on the website includes how to create the Credential Book for Tournament Bound Teams. 

Direct your browser here for more information: Credential Book Creation

Additional Coaching Resources and INFO

For additional Coaching resources and information please click below:

Coaching Resources

Coaching News Feeds

Mike  Bellarosa

Mike Bellarosa

ACE Coordinator

Phone: (914) 805-0242