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Uniform and Apparel

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Uniform Information:

Our new vision for SYHA uniforms in the future is a full head to toe approach.  Wearing identical uniforms creates a sense of equality, which is important when you are trying to win as a group.  No individual is more important than any other, and that's what teamwork is all about.  When you are all wearing the same helmet, gloves and socks and the same team colors, you truly feel like part of a team.  A uniform fosters unity, which in turn can keep players motivated to succeed for the person beside them.  SYHA understands that this season presents many challenges, some financial.   If you are in the market for any equipment please consider purchasing equipment with our new color scheme and vision in mind.  

Here they are:

As you can see, they are similar but a simpler and cleaner look than our previous uniforms. We have also changed the shell color and added a white sock.  We have heard concerns regarding the purchasing of new uniforms especially during this uncertain time and know that some families face financial restrictions due to job loss. We have a complete understanding of the impact of this. The uniform changes and purchasing of new uniforms only apply to SYHA travel teams (10U, 12U, 14U) at this time.  This will not currently impact House, Mites, LTP or Fillies programs.

To purchase uniforms:

1 - All travel players are required to purchase a Bauer embroidered shell and home and away socks from our selected vendor.

2 - New players and players who need jerseys (due to sizing, damage, want, etc.) must purchase the new jersey style this 2020/21 season. If you are an existing player who has an undamaged jersey that fits, you do not need to purchase a new jersey this year. Our vision is to make a full transition by the 2021/22 season.

3 - Navy helmet and Navy/Red gloves - If you have an existing helmet and/or gloves that fit, you are not required to purchase new ones. If you are in the market for either, you are recommended to purchase a navy helmet and the navy and red gloves. Our vision is to make a full transition by the 2021/22 season 

4 - We are currently working with a local company to purchase helmets and gloves at different price points in bulk.

5 - Warm-ups will be available to purchase as well as patches to sew on to existing warm-ups.

We hope you are as excited as we are with this news! Please touch base with your child’s Team Manager or Head Coaches with any questions or concerns.